EverOne Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll for Sous Vide and Food Saver, 8" X 50', 2 Count

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Goods name : EverOne Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll for Sous Vide and Food Saver, 8" X 50', 2 Count


  • KEEP FOOD FRESHER FOR LONGER - Vacuum sealing both fresh and frozen food is a great way to prevent spoiling and freezer burn. Frozen food can last up to ten times longer after being vacuum sealed compared to traditional freezer bags.
  • KEEP OUT MOISTURE AND AIR - Each heavy duty bag creates a tight seal when used with a vacuum sealer machine. The air removal channels on the embossed edges of the bag allow for the best seal possible, preserving your foods flavor and nutritional value.
  • CUSTOM SIZED BAGS - Don't waste money having to buy larger freezer bags that take up extra space in your freezer and pantry. Vacuum sealer bags can be created to the exact size you need for food of all shapes and sizes.
  • STANDARD SIZE FOR MAXIMUM COMPATABILITY - EverOne Vacuum Sealer Rolls are designed to be compatible with most major countertop vacuum sealer machines.
  • 100 FEET OF VACUUM SEALER BAGS - Each order is for two 50' long rolls of our vacuum sealer bags.

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