Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence System with Remote Dog Training Collar by PetControlHQ 1 Dog with remote

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Goods name : Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence System with Remote Dog Training Collar by PetControlHQ 1 Dog with remote


  • WE OFFER A SAFE, EASY WAY TO TRAIN YOUR DOG- Our electric dog fence and antibark dog collar training system is ideal for off-leash training and training your dog to stay in the yard, stop barking, and stop digging under or jumping over your fence. The rechargeable, waterproof dog collar will beep once as the dog approaches the electric dog fence boundary and then will automatically send a static correction. At the same time, you can use the remote to control your dog’s nuisance behaviors.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR ELECTRONIC DOG FENCE TO SUIT YOUR YARD- Install our fence above or below ground but keep it off solid metal sheet fences. There are many possible customizable layouts. For example, you could set it up around your entire yard in a single loop or separate your front and back yard into two separate zones. If you have garden beds, a play area, or a pool, use the fence to keep them protected. Our electric fence for dogs even expands up to 10 acres when you purchase additional wire.
  • DOG TRAINING COLLAR FITS MOST SIZE DOGS- Your dog won’t outgrow our off leash dog training collar. We designed it to work as an extra-large, large, medium, and small breed dog training collar. It fits dogs weighing 11-154 lbs. with a neck size ranging 8-27 in. The electric fence dog collar has 3 levels of automatic static correction, and the remote collar has 10 levels of vibration and correction. Choose what settings on the remote trainer work best to manage your dog’s mischievous behaviors.
  • OUR PET CONTAINMENT SYSTEM AND COLLAR ARE OF HIGHEST QUALITY- The technology in our wireless shock collar for dogs and wired electric dog fence is unique and effective. The collar is waterproof (IPX7 Rated), so it’s safe during swimming (max depth 3.3ft) or bathing for up to 30 minutes. Our copper-based wire is heavy duty and robust. When used underground, there’s no chance of it being chewed, dug up, or run over. Above ground, the invisible fencing can be protected inside a conduit.
  • USE REMOTE DOG TRAINER AND FENCE WITH MORE THAN ONE DOG- Train up to 3 dogs at once with our remote dog training collar system. You just need dog training collars for each pet. The remote lets you pick which dog to shock to prevent accidentally correcting the wrong dog. You control the strength of static correction sent to each dog so that your extra-large dog doesn’t get the same shock intensity as your small dog. With our electric dog fence, you can train as many dogs as you like at once.

Product description

Size:1 Dog with remote

Pet Control HQ’s Electric Fence Dog Collar & Wireless Remote Dog Training System

The Pet Control HQ’s safe, easy-to-install electric pet containment system is designed to train your dog at home and on the go. Our rechargeable, waterproof dog shock collar is great for off leash training and stopping nuisance behaviors. With the remote, wireless dog training collar, you choose the intensity from 10 levels of vibration and correction and can train up to 3 dogs at once. Train as many dogs as you like with our electric dog fence system. Install our boundary wire below or above ground, but don’t attach it to a solid metal sheet fence. How you design your perimeter is up to you! You can fence in the whole yard, separate it, or create special boundaries to protect your garden. As your dog nears the boundary edge, it will hear a beep tone and then receive a static correction.

The first of its kind in America, our electric invisible fence system is a humane dog fence and remote dog trainer system in one. We use harmless static corrections that will quickly train your dog to behave.


Package Includes:

-492ft of 20 gauge boundary wire (including sheath)

-1 door/wall mounted transmitter

-1 UL approved power plug

-1 USB power adapter

-1 USB cable with dual splitter

-2 short metal contact points

-2 long metal contact points

-1 test light

-1 spanner

-50 training flags

-1 rechargeable & waterproof receiver

-1 adjustable dog collar

-2 boundary wire connectors

-Step-by-Step Training Guide

-12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

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